“For anyone that needs realignment of their vision, who can’t see the wood for the trees in their cluttered busy lives.
Come here. Do this.
Regain clarity, peace and inner stillness”
— Jen Needham, Marketing, The Ministry - Retreat Guest
Laura has a uniquely positive energy which makes everyone around her feel her love and support. When faced with a challenge, she knows exactly the question to ask, enabling me to find the answers, empowering me to make long lasting positive change.
— Chrissy McMaster, Pianist
Laura has converted me from an absolute cynic about almost everything, to someone that pays attention to what shape the moon is! Her sense of humour, personality and infectious enthusiasm means that she could meet me on my level and then introduce previously unknown ideas, which have had a positive impact on my professional and personal life.

On a very practical note, Laura encourages and reminds me to be thankful for what I have. I would highly recommend introducing her positive outlooks and ideas to your life
— Barney Mccann, Designer - Music Industry
I’ve worked with The Secret Inspirer for a number of years, and she offers a unique perspective and approach that engages your positivity and unlocks the potential within. Reach out to her today - you won’t regret it.
— Richard Reeves, Corporate Strategy Director , EE

I’ve known Laura for 6 years, and during that time there have been moments in both my professional and personal life, that her support, gentle guidance, and unique intuitive insight, have helped me work through some big life decisions, or given me the confidence and reassurance to stay focussed on my chosen path. Her natural energy and positive outlook on the World is truly contagious. She is my secret inspirer, although I think the secret may be out!
— Sarah Arthur, Internal Communications & Engagement Consultant