“The secret weapon for those born to inspire.”

Over time our brilliance is dulled by the stories we tell ourselves and the limiting beliefs of our environment, culture, family, friends. Dreams get smaller, we get stuck, we lose our spark, we find ourselves separated from a World of wondrous and abundant possibilities.


Global empowerment coach Laura Williams, The Secret Inspirer, helps people connect with their infinite potential by living authentically and following their heart. Living lighter and brighter and remembering to have fun in this beautiful game of life. Releasing stories that stand in the way.

Inspiring the inspirers of the World who outwardly give so-so much and inwardly often have crippling moments of self doubt and internal chatter that holds them back and causes huge anxiety before gigs, performances, pitches etc.

The Secret Inspirer reminds us that anything is possible, we just have to believe. 

Ready for the next level? Let’s go…