Life is exhausting. We often lose our shine amidst the crazy.

When the burn out is real, The Secret Inspirer, offers a retreat like no other, giving purpose as well as replenishing the soul. Quality time in stunning locations around the world to relax and reflect, check back in with healthy habits, refocus and get excited about the future.

Join in with what ever you wish in the moment; energising vinyasa flow, calming restorative yoga, meditation, vision creation, mindful movement, one-to-one energy sessions.

Create individual wellness plans with experts to help build resilience and grounding into erratic day to day schedules. Learn about the power of connecting with the beautiful cycles of nature. Enjoy local, seasonal, nutritious food.

All with an intimate number of like minded women, ensuring there is always space to be; for introspection, journalling, stillness and peace.

Every detail has been lovingly curated for you to get back in your flow and help you re-enter life recharged and ready to go.