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The reality of the music industry can be overwhelming; erratic schedules, sleep deprivation, anxiety, nerves, doubt. A rollercoaster of contrasting highs and lows, of performing in front of huge crowds followed by isolation. A focus on the external and the ego. A tonne of testosterone and perceived competition.

Step into a world of limitless wonder

Step into a world of limitless wonder


The Secret Inspirer works with women across the world helping them to get clear on what they really want, aim high and take up more space in the World by using the power of authenticity. Building resilience enabling them to thrive in chaotic surroundings. Letting go of stories and limiting beliefs along the way to allow their light to shine as intended.

Feel supported and inspired as we go on the journey together and connect with everything you need to succeed that is already within.

Eight and twelve week programmes offered including weekly face to face/online session and unlimited support in between.

More intensive bespoke programmes including monthly deep dive workshops available on request.

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Client confidentiality is always important.

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