“The secret weapon for those born to inspire.”

Belief coach Laura Williams, The Secret Inspirer, supports women in the music industry to believe in themselves, believe anything is possible, step the other side of fear to all the juicy stuff and build resilience to thrive in a chaotic world.

Working with clients across the globe to overcome challenges, create big visions and release stories that stand in the way to live lighter and brighter. Always remembering to have fun along the journey.

Photo credit @marcdegroot

Photo credit @marcdegroot

Laura believes in the intrinsic brilliance of every being. Over time this can get dulled by the limiting beliefs of our environment, culture, family, friends. Dreams get smaller, we get stuck, we lose our spark, we find ourselves separated from a world of wondrous and abundant possibilities.

The Secret Inspirer reminds us that anything is possible, we just need to believe.

Expedite levelling up in this lifetime.